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The wine route

routes des vins bandolOn this sunny terraced land between Languedoc flora and pine lie the celebrated Bandol vineyards.

Powerful red varietal velvety and fresh;

Fruity roses, carefully bred;

Sappy whites, delicate and spicy...

These wines of Bandol are found on gastronomic tables the world over.

Comprised of about 50 domaines, the vineyards of Bandol were among the first to be recognized by l'Appellation d'origine controlle in 1941.  You can follow the route of Bandol and arrange stops at some of the many vineyards for tasting its famous reds, roses and whites.   Endowed with a full southern exposition, the vineyards get 3000 hours of sun each year. Thanks to its quality terrain Bandol has learned to tame a wild varietal, the Mourvedre.  This grape gives its wines a quality taste and sets its producers high on the list of the best vintners of France.  While many domaines benefit from the name Bandol, very few are in the village itself.  Most of the vineyards are in the surrounding area.

The unforgettables

"Well known for its rose wines, which represent a majority of the local production, Bandol is resolutely red.  Consisting principally of Mourdevre grapes, most production (from 50% to 95%) is of a strong red comprised of complex nuances of licorice, wild fruits and violets.  Its ability in the aging process is remarkable and it develops after 10, 20 or even 30 years a nose embodied of red fruit, wild cherries, spices, humus, undergrowth, leather and truffle.  The reds of Bandol are really unforgettable !"